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Laboratory Division


501605P 5 plates AGAR LISTERIA ACC. TO OTTAVIANI & AGOSTI (ALOA) - 150 mm - ISO 11290 - ISO 11290 Selective chromogenic medium for the isolation and presumptive identification of L.monocytogenes
541112MP 5 plates BACILLUS CEREUS SELECTIVE AGAR (MYP) - 150 mm - ISO 7932, 21871 Selective and differential medium for detecting B.cereus
501740P 5 plates MUELLER HINTON AGAR II 150 mm - CLSI For the antimicrobial susceptibility test of non-fastidious aerobic bacteria
501743P 5 plates MUELLER HINTON BLOOD AGAR SHEEP 150 mm - CLSI For antimicrobial susceptibility test of Streptococcus pneumoniae
54RPMI15 5 plates RPMI AGAR 150 mm For antimicotic sensitivity test with Etest strips or discs