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Home Products Specimen Collection and Transport Collection/Treatment System for Mycobacteria
224001 4 vials SPUTAFLUID For the collection and treatment of sputum. Sputum liquefying solution with dithiothreitol. 100 mL of working solution is prepared with 1 vial.
225001N 25 pcs A.L.L. COLLECTION KIT N.A.L.C. collection tubes with an anticoagulant-liquefying-lysing solution for the detection of Mycobacterium spp. with PCR techniques as well as cultural methods, from material obtained by bronchial brushing and needle aspirates.
225020 50 mL A.L.L. SOLUTION Anticoagulant-Liquefying-Lysing solution for detecting Mycobacterium spp. with PCR tecniques as well as cultural methods, from expectorated sputum.
225040 500 mL PHOSPHATE BUFFER 0,067 M pH 6,8 Solution to neutralize the reagents used in the NALC digestion and decontamination procedures
225000 20 tests A.L.L. DIGESTION NEUTRALISATION KIT Complete kit for the treatment of the specimens to be tested for Mycobacterium spp. with PCR techniques and culture. The kit include: Anticoagulant-Liquefying-Lysing solution, NaOH 4% / Trisodium citrate and Phosphate Buffer